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Community Voices Heard Power! (CVHP) is a multiracial member-led organization that works to build power and create a racially, socially and economically just New York State, through grassroots political organizing. We seek out, politically educate, train, encourage and support aspiring candidates of color; as well as persons that ideologically align, support, and further our agenda to advance low-income communities of color across our five New York chapters -- New York City, Westchester Co., Orange Co., Rockland Co., and Dutchess County-- and subsequently New York State. We are the sister organization of Community Voices Heard.



CVH Power works to make New York State:

> A model of democratic participation and progressive policies;
> That will improve the lives of poor and working class families across the state;
> And be a model for the rest of the country!



CVH Power’s sister organization, Community Voices Heard was founded by a small group of mothers on welfare in 1996.  It has won a jobs program that put over 20,000 welfare recipients to work in living wage jobs, won resources and improvements in public housing, and has mobilized over 18,000 voters.  

When CVH leaders and members decided to enter political work, it was not only to change the nature of politics in New York State, but also to utilize additional tools to achieve our organizational mission.  CVH Power is a strategic partner to our c3, and likewise our c3 work is a critical foundation out of which to build CVH Power’s political work.  Our strategies and theories of change straddle both organizations.


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Voting, Mobilizing, and Working for Progressive Policy and Political Change in New York State!


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